Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2019-02-04
  • Facilitator: Matthias
  • Notary: Bodhi
  • Present: Matthias, Bodhi, Thore, Nathalie, Lise, Chandi, Silvan, Nick

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Monday: Doug, Laurina
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday: Clara, Larissa; Leaving: Nathalie, Thore
  • Friday:
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday: Leaving: Silvan
  • Monday: Nathalie, Thore

2. Changes to Governance


3. Last week review


  • Present: 13.1 people / day ⬊ -0.71
  • Spent nights: 92 nights
  • Outdoor temperature (min|avg|max): -1.2 | 2.0 | 6.1 °C (7 days before: -6.1 | -0.4 | 7.4 °C)
  • Electricity usage: 4.96 € / day ⬊ -0.1 €
  • Electricity efficiency: 37.7 ct / day*person ⬊ +1.25 ct
  • Gas usage: 5.44 € / day ⬊ -1.63 €
  • Gas efficiency: 41.4 ct / day*person ⬈ -9.61 ct
  • Water usage: 2.06 € / day ⬊ -0.33 €
  • Water efficiency: 15.7 ct / day*person ⬈ -1.56 ct

Disclaimer: I have implemented the logic to the best of my knowledge, it could be wrong!

Income: (please check the shoe and the box):

Things that happened:

  • We finally went to Villa Klug for a joint cooking thing to eat, socialize and go to the sauna together.
  • There were two money sessions: The personal one and one about shared economy.
  • The Winter of Karrot ended with a small presentation.
  • Matthias and Nick gave an overview of the housebus system.
  • Chandi hosted a cryptoparty and helped people to be safer with their data.
  • The very first WuppHours took place and brought a lot of change into piano room, free shop and more!
  • Nick hosted a sharing event based on the three p's.
  • One more heartbeat was published.
  • Clara and Nick became Volunteers!
  • It was Silvan's birthday and we had a lot of great cake!
  • Snow! And one tiny snowball fight! ^^

4. Evaluations and check-ins

  • Record nicks and thores evaluation (bodhi>done!)

5. Upcoming

  • Weather forecast: Around/slightly above zero, dry, good drying weather. Warmer for the weekend.

  • Monday:

    • 13:00 Selbsthilfewerkstatt KMW (Matthias, Bodhi, Silvan)
    • 15:30 TÜV-Termin Markleeberg KMW (Matthias, Bodhi, Silvan)
    • 19:00 Women's choir
    • 19:00 Acroyoga :)
    • put out rest waste bin (black)
  • Tuesday:

    • 14.30-17.00; 20.30-22.00 Money session with Luisa (Piano Room)
    • 17:00 Kultur Leipziger Land Schweizergarten (Lise, Janina, Silvan)
    • 19:00 Fairteiler (Nathalie)
    • 19.30 Dinner
  • Wednesday:

  • Grassimuseum Leipzig: Free Entrance - Silvan&Lise are strongly interested, who else?

  • Thursday:

  • Friday:

  • Saturday:

  • Sunday:

  • Next Monday:

    • CoMe facilitator: Lise

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, updates, requests, etc)

  • Butze's research group that wants to come for the first weekend of the fsde hackweek
  • Nick's parents day visit towards end of week
  • Janina wants to paint the upper staircase toilet. Maybe as part of the Wednesday WuppHours? (slight concern from Matthias as the window and surrounding is quite fucked)
  • Anfrage kritpsy April (where to find?) (kritpsy = kritische Psychologen, waren schonmal ein Wochenende bei uns)
  • If you want to give a presentation, ask somebody else to help you getting set up some hours before
  • doug: "communicate breaking changes" (it's disempowering not to)
  • Scaffolding: (Bodhi and Matthias will discuss this further (+whoever else is interested!))
  • month of calm scheduling 5-10min after come -> Although it is 11.15 in calendar, we will do it directly after CoMe
  • lise wants to change the bed sheets of all k20-beds today (:thumbsup:)
  • a bit of feedback from winter of karrot Idea to do the next hack week in a place with more intense focus group felt very distracted by month of calm activity and would not have two events like this overlapping again

7. For next week

  • room situation during hackweek/ board meeting / butze people

8. Month of calm activities to schedules

  • how to put the dumpster data into a nice grafana graph (Nathalie, Bodhi, Janina, Nick) (wednesday)
  • house bus related topics:
    • hardware: soldering(2-3h) (Thore, Lise, ~Nathalie, ~Chandi), putting up a node(2h) (Wednesday 16.00-18.00)
    • software development (2++h) (Chandi, ~Nick)
  • material cooperations organizing session (finding co-operations with junkyards, etc... finding old lithium batteries, and other stuff; to be able to go there to look for things) (bodhi, thore, lise) Bodhi prepares a list for lise to call
  • technical housetour and or projector & audio-set up introduction (lise, nathalie)
  • what is utopia like
    • how do you imagine living together in the future? (20 year realistic view) (bodhi, nathalie, thore, lise, ~nick, janina (lise said so) (monday, 11.2.)
    • how do you want the future world to be, what changes do you imagine? (50+ years from now, utopia world) ()
  • CNC-Mill-Session (cleaning, repairing, talking about what to build/buy) (Silvan)
  • CNC-Mill introduction (learning how to use it and what to do with it) (Bodhi, Thore, Lise, ~Matthias) Tuesday, 10.00
  • Baby sharing circle (Lise, Doug (Bodhi said so), Janina (Lise said so), Nathalie (Friday, sharing event)
  • Making money! Hippy co-op etc (Matthias, Nick, Lise, Bodhi, Nathalie) (next week+)

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