Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2020-01-06
  • Facilitator: Thore
  • Notary: Tilmann, Janina, Maxime
  • Physical board caretaker: Clara
  • Present: Lise, Aggi, Clara, Maxime, Fionn, Tilmann, Janina, Mika, Matthias, Silvan, Thore, Nathalie, Stilgar

1. Last week review

  • Present: 12.9 people / day ⬈ +6.14
  • Spent nights: 90 nights
  • Outdoor temperature (min|avg|max): -0.6 | 4.8 | 9.2 °C (7 days before: -1.3 | 5.0 | 9.2 °C)
  • Electricity usage: 5.28 € / day ⬈ +1.96 €
  • Electricity efficiency: 41.1 ct / day*person ⬈ -8.44 ct
  • Gas usage: 4.21 € / day ⬈ +1.44 €
  • Gas efficiency: 32.7 ct / day*person ⬈ -8.53 ct
  • Water usage: 3.29 € / day ⬈ +2.23 €
  • Water efficiency: 25.6 ct / day*person ⬊ +9.82 ct
Done Expenses
  • 0 Euro
  • 0 Euro
Team updates
  • Roof (Silvan, Tilmann):
    • Tilmann is making a flow chart of what needs to happen
    • A mail to poke the architect could be written again soon
  • Stuff (Bodhi, Matthias, Thore, chandi):
    • full inventory of stuff in the house and trying out the vortex of doom are next steps
  • Rooms (Janina, Nathalie):
    • Walls are getting beautified in the futon room (There is no futon anymore, a new name is needed!)
      • lise will continue there and may give the room another / additional purpose.
    • We want to hold another meeting soon! Maybe this week? :D
Things that happened
  • New Year's Eve with racelette, games, and Klugi sauna
  • the compost toilet was finally put into a usable state! you may now poop there! and an inauguration event happened there :)
  • Tilmann built a plant shelf in the dining room
  • Elephant and Hipster room now have Housebus & temperature sensors
  • The dining room got rearranged and has a new big couch
  • The brown couch moved into the piano room
  • We tried a Sozialsauna event and the people participating really liked it
  • Silvan brought lots of salad from Würzburg
  • Anja brought lots of bread from Leipzig
  • Retrospective of 2019 held by Janina, Tilmann, and help from Lise
  • Clara made a new Power Hour board
  • The CNC mill upgrades have now finally finished and there is a nice main power button mounted to the table :)
  • The bathroom shelf got sorted by Lise
  • Some people played Doppelkopf :)
  • Forces of Evil were defeated in Andor

2. People arriving and leaving

  • Monday: Antonin comes for a week, bodhi is in pödi for the day, findus comes back
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday: chandi comes back
  • Thursday: Franziska comes back
  • Friday: Fionn, Aggi, and Q leave
  • Saturday: Clara_FS comes for a week
  • Sunday:
  • Any day: Doug comes back

3. Evaluations and check-ins

  • Clara Member : Absolute Days threshold 203/180
  • Thore Member : Absolute Days threshold 208/180

4. Upcoming events

  • Weather forecast :
  • Monday
    • 16:00 Knowledge sharing session: CNC mill [matthias, Q]
  • Tuesday
    • 16:00 - 18:00 Offener Dienstag [Janina, Thore, Stilgar, Matthias prepares tea]
    • after dinner Mika sharing circle
  • Wednesday
    • 12:00 Thore's evaluation [Matthias]
    • ~15:00 cake session
    • 17:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 Power Hour [EVERYBODY]
    • 16:00 Sharing event []
    • 18:00 foodsharing Wurzen meeting
  • Friday
    • 14:00 Le thé francophone [Maxime, Nathalie, Lise, Clara, Janina]
  • Saturday
    • 12:00 move everything that's left in K22-2 staircase to K22 attic
    • 13:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
    • 16:00 Sozialsauna
  • Sunday
    • Start of building week!
    • 11:00 foodsharing brunch
    • 15:00 FFF Meeting
    • after dinner sleeping plenum
  • Next Monday
    • CoMe facilitator: Clara

5. Announcements

  • [lise] Bodhi put stuff from intermediate storage in freeshop lounge, people could look through before opening on tuesday.
  • [lise] Bodhi will make a tour to the Wertstoffhof to get rid of stuff

6. Changes to Governance

  • ukuvote on Constitutional Change is now in voting phase of the binding vote.

7. Expense Requests

  • [matthias] Isopropanol 20l ~40€

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc.)

  • [janina] Sozialsauna last week was great! Let's have it again!
  • [janina] There was the idea to try planned fixed sleeping spots for a week. The goal is to minimize confusion (Where can I sleep? Will I find my favorite blanket?), especially when many people are here. How about trying it during the building week?
    • [nathalie] building week starts on Sunday already, so we should have a Plenary of Sleeping Places then, I can facilitate it.
    • sleep survey:
  • [janina] Mika sharing circle - will it finally happen?
  • [lise] Who will take care about needed material for the WuppWeek?
    • [bodhi] chandi comes back Wednesday probably. I would suggest having a material meeting Tuesday and then an ablauf [transalation?] and everything meeting when chandi is back? (chandi agrees)
    • preparation pad:
  • [bodhi] would like to do a sperrmüll and bauschutt tour this week. maybe tuesday or thursday? 1-2 people to join? loading action of all bauschutt in kmw and trailer before with as many people as like to join. (exercise!)
  • [bodhi] stuff on the stairs to k22 attic is very annoying (silvan and doug?) especially since we need to go there more often during the building week maybe (material for windows, putting stuff fron the k20 attic there) can we find a solution / other place to store these things than on the staircase? external silvan storage /garage? meeting about this?
    • [matthias] We also might like to tear down the roof plaster there, meaning a lot of dirt / area needs to be cleared
    • [nathalie] I will have a look at the lab equipment
    • [silvan] I will sort through my stuff there and would like to put the rest into the top bathroom's bathtub for the week.
    • [clara] I don't want the top bathroom to become cluttered...
    • [janina] Let's do a communal action to move everything that's left on Saturday noon intp the K22 attic. That way people can look at the stuff beforehand and move everything they want to have in specific locations.

9. Dinner schedule

  • We're back to doing the lottery, yay! :D

10. For next week

  • [toBeScheduled] Revolution Knowledge Presentation [findus]
  • on tuesday there is a court case in Leipzig (climate camp 2018)

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