Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2020-01-20
  • Facilitator: Bodhi
  • Notary: Matthias
  • Physical board caretaker: Lise
  • Present: Matthias, Lise, Thore, Tilmann, Stilgar, Nathalie, Bodhi, Chandi, Janina, Mika, Clara, Silvan, Unkraut, Maxime, Doug, Sandro

1. Last week review


usage graph

  • Present: 23.0 people / day ⬈ +9.75
  • Spent nights: 184 nights
  • Outdoor temperature (min|avg|max): 8 °C (3.3 | 7.0 | 13.1 days before: 2.1 | 6.4 | 11.9 °C)
  • Electricity usage: 10.98 € / day ⬈ +3.2 €
  • Electricity efficiency: 47.7 ct / day*person ⬊ +3.72 ct
  • Gas usage: 4.71 € / day ⬊ -0.36 €
  • Gas efficiency: 20.5 ct / day*person ⬈ -8.24 ct
  • Water usage: 4.96 € / day ⬈ +1.44 €
  • Water efficiency: 21.5 ct / day*person ⬊ +1.64 ct

89.8 ct / day*person

Done Expenses
  • €21.48 for spike-roller and pump-spray (Wallpaper removal, doug)
  • €20 Wi-Fi Access Point
  • €23 Ventilation-Stuff
  • €180 for A4 wood
  • €37 für buliding rouble
  • €30.40 4x lime
  • 100€ (directly added to the money box, 15/01/2020)
  • 10.11€ in shoe
  • 200€ on account
Team updates
  • Roof (Silvan, Tilmann):
    • A lot of stuff happened in the building week, so roof preparations are on a good way
    • Architects progress on the building plans
  • Stuff (Bodhi, Matthias, Thore, chandi):
    • Stuff team meets to set a meeting directly after CoMe
  • Rooms (Janina, Nathalie):
    • The dragon room is a project office now.
    • The family room will soon be a small group sleeping room with 6 sleeping spots.
    • The basement in K22 is a club! xD
Things that happened
  • Building week
  • Foodsharing focus week
  • Wir haben es satt Demo
  • cozy sunday
  • First Kanthaus party in bassment
  • A bed in the hipster room
  • many more building week tasks

2. People arriving and leaving

  • Monday: Michal arrives (if hitchhiking goes ok)
  • Tuesday: Robin and Manu arrive; Chrisi arrives, Laurina and Silvan leaves
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday: Bruno arrives in the evening
  • Friday: foodsharing festival people arrive, Silvan and Findus arrive
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday: Sandro leaves in the morning, most of the foodsharing festival people leave
  • Monday: Nick and Bruno leave
  • Any day: Abel (Trustroots) may arrive (Michal hosts him)

3. Evaluations and check-ins

  • Anja Volunteer : Absolute Days threshold 70/60
  • Clara Member : Absolute Days threshold 217/180
  • Unkraut Visitor : Days Visited threshold 40/21
  • Maxime Volunteer : 0 days until Absolute Days threshold (60)

4. Upcoming

  • Weather forecast : little bit colder than last week, mostly dry, a bit warmer for the weekend.

  • Monday

    • 19:00 Women's choir
    • 19:00 AcroYoga in Leipzig
    • 20:00 Unkraut evaluation
  • Tuesday

    • 10:00 Clara evaluation [doug]
    • 16:00 - 18:00 Offener Dienstag [Nathalie, Stilgar, Matthias]
  • Wednesday

    • 17:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
    • 20:15 Badminton in Wurzen [Nathalie, Maybe Matthias]
  • Thursday

    • 10:00 Power Hour [EVERYBODY]
  • Friday

  • Saturday

    • 13:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
    • Anjas flatwarming party in Leipzig
  • Sunday

    • 15:00 FFF meeting
  • Next Monday

    • CoMe facilitator: [Maxime]
  • to be scheduled:

    • ...

5. Announcements

  • [chandi] Would be happy to progress the transition towards the new kanthaus wifi, but some people had difficulties with it. I would love to sit down with people, try this out and collect the difficulties that people have, to investigate them further.
  • [janina, tilmann, nick] We'll have a nice and cozy Karrot weekend on Saturday and Sunday. There will be discussions and sessions about what Karrot is and can be, the bigger vision and plan, how Karrot relates to foodsharing, how we can integrate more people and skills to create a real social movement of saving and sharing of food and other resources, and about how to get and distribute money. We'd be super happy for more Kanthausians to join!
  • [chandi] the handbook is back alive:
  • [Bodhi] KMW/car tour to Burgstädt (near Chemnitz) to get a veluxfenster for free, maybe some other stuff on the way
  • [Nathalie] We'll probably use the yoga room for foodsharing festival meeting. More update on rooms later
  • [janina] looking for babysitters during this week between 11:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 16:00

6. Changes to Governance

  • Constitution amended to "Consider people 'positionless' until they are 15/ask to be considered independently." and remove Visitor check-up clause.
    • Update to website, English version

7. Expense Requests

  • [chandi] 2x 30-60€ for an electric cable to the K20 and K22-attic (not urgent, would buy as soon as a good offer appears at ebay kleinanzeigen)
  • [matthias] 100 clothes pegs, it is really hard for me to decide on which to get. Would like to get high quality plastic ones (~10-20€)
    • These stainless steel pegs look pretty good!
      • [matthias] I read the reviews more negative: quite instable, not strongly clipping
        • [doug] Hmm, the ones I sent have really good reviews overall... especially the guy that uses them for bdsm! I have ~€80 amazon money and would be interested to get some for science, whether or not they are a house expense: would it be annoying to have another type of peg on the washing lines? If they're strong enough and don't rust, they could last a very long time.
        • [matthias] no concerns for trying. Reviews on pegs generally seem hard to me, so makes sense to try :-)
    • [Lise] I'd like to go for wooden ones. Tilmann already suggested sewing a bag where you can keep them. Would also make it easier to hang up things
      • [matthias] The wooden ones we have are all really bad after just a year of being outside. Also, they don't hold as strong as most of the plastic ones. I dislike having them not on the line when hanging up laundry.
        • I dislike them hanging on the line and would rather have them in a bag :) but maybe not so important as you hang up a lot more laundry then i do...
    • doug gets 40 stainless steel pegs for 10 €
  • [doug] €30.51 of respirator parts (to give us 11 working masks with lots of filters)
    • [Doug] need to do some more user testing (Clara and matthias) and research this week.
    • delayed
  • [matthias] used mattress covers in good condition. 3x 140x200 for 12€ can be picked up in leipzig-suedost
    • seems good
  • [Lise] ~10€ for whole grain flour for baking bread
    • seems good
  • [matthias] Mattress cover 160x200 in good condition and "duo thermo steppdecke" 155x220 (seems like a more cheaper but solid cotton/polyester, non-animal product) for 18€ can be picked up in leipzig-sued
    • Lise and Matthias should discuss

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc.)

~~- [matthias] do we need proper Wäscheleine? I have the feeling we have some ripping every few months.

  • we still have quite a lot of wäscheleine that looks very new, I put it in the K20 hallway~~
    • [chandi/janina/clara] fff meetings in february?
  • [clara] they said it wouldn't be a problem to go to D5 during february, but I don't think they "disturb" at all, so I would be fine with letting them continue their meetings.
  • accepted, they can continue having them here in feb.
    • [Doug] propose no evaluations. Think will reduce scheduling pressure. Will only affect 4.
    • [Doug] No resistance, accepted
    • [Lise] Sleeping situation while having still a lot of visitors, how to handle? Sleeping Plenaries?
  • sleeping plenaries for whole weeks do not seem to be wanted
  • slight momentum towards trying out sleeping place assignment coordinated via a sheet
    • maybe rather only do it friday-sunday
      • [matthias] getting a few 155x220 blankets? They are available used for 5-25€ depending on luck/opportunity. I love sleeping under big enough blankets and the recent visitor situation has shown we don't have enough. Already contacted one on ebay kleinanzeigen in leipzig (see expense requests)
  • People don't have interest, matthias should privatize one of the existing 155x220 blankets
    • [Lise] Building week retrospective (How was it for residents, what can we learn for future events, sleeping situation, etc)
  • happens today
    • [Bodhi] broken Küchenmaschine container
  • Could get a küchenmaschine from lise
  • Until that is here, continue using the broken one, works fine for small amounts of liquids
    • [Lise] Silvan stuff in K22 bathroom
  • general unhappyness that there is no solution where to put it as it was agreed to only store it during the building week in the bathroom
  • no other good temporal solution, think about it a week everybody and we will hopefully have fresh energy next week
    • [Bodhi] suggestion: in the future always post a link to the come-minutes on slack (#Kanthaus?) as soon as they go to the website. This makes it easier for people who are not here to read them and is very little additional work for the facilitator
  • should be put in the instructions in the come template
    • [Nathalie] open tuesday fishbowl meeting
    • [Bodhi] Sozialsauna: every 14 Days? every month?
  • concerns with tighter rhythm and it being obligatory
  • still scheduling one for this week
    • [clara] dragon room stuff (the stuff in boxes in the K20 hallway)
  • look through until wed. then Bodhi will throw away / put in freeshop the rest
    • [Thore] month of introspection scheduling etc.

9. Dinner lottery/food recommendation

10. For next week

  • [matthias] scheduling: Continuation of the solder workshop?

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