Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2020-04-27
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Notary: Bodhi, others
  • Physical board caretaker: Lise
  • Digital calendar caretaker: Doug
  • Discussion timekeeper: -
  • Present: Zui, Nun, Matthias, Clara, Felix, Doug, Bodhi, Anja, Janina, Tilmann, Nathalie, Silvan, Larissa, Maxime, Lise, Thore

1. Last week review

Daily averages for last week
  • Present: 16.6 people / day -0.4
  • Average outdoor temperature: 14.0 °C +1.7 °C)
  • Water: 3.59 €; 21.6 ct / person +0.5 ct
Done Expenses
  • 18 € for Türsturze
  • 359.50 €
Team updates
  • Roof (Silvan, Tilmann):
    • attic brickwork
    • more wood planning, approaching burnout, thus some days break
    • email sent to corinna
    • invoice received for holzschutzgutachten
  • Stuff (Bodhi, Matthias, Thore, Chandi):
  • Rooms (Nathalie, Janina):
    • freeshop lounge rearrange is going on, TV already installed
    • discussion about room purposes and indicators
Other things that happened
  • Silvan stuff deadline
  • vulva drawing session
  • hide & seek game + Sardine Game
  • world disco soup day: big cooking with guests via online, e.g. Chandi, findus, Caluera, Alex
  • begin of foodsharing hackweek
  • talk about communal meal
  • established Kant was a sexist and racist (and we also talked about his philosophy)

2. People arriving and leaving

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday: Bodhi leaves to HZ
  • Wednesday: Zui and Nun will maybe leave
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday:
  • Any day:

3. Upcoming

Weather forecast
  • Rain from Wednesday to Sunday, otherwise nice and warmish
Evaluations and Check-ins!
  • Nun Visitor : Days Visited threshold 24/21
  • Matthias Member : Absolute Days threshold 185/180
  • Larissa_uj Visitor : 1 days until Days Visited threshold (21)
  • Monday
    • 10:00 CoMe
    • 16:00 Knowledge sharing session, today's topic: Tails & basic encrypted email
    • bring out black bin
  • Tuesday
    • 12:00 Discussion round about romantic relationships
    • 15:00 Nun Evaluation [Silvan]
  • Wednesday
    • 13:00 Market pickup via
    • 17:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 Power Hour Fac.: [Janina] DJ: [Clara unless replaced by Wednesday]
    • 15:00 Social Sauna [Doug]
  • Friday
    • 10:00 Corona meeting [Thore]
    • bring out organic bin
  • Saturday
    • 13:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
  • Sunday
    • 14:00 FFF meeting in cloud room
  • Next Monday
    • CoMe facilitator: Tilmann

to be scheduled:

  • [felix] Knowledge sharing session OpenStreetMap

4. Announcements

  • [Bodhi] e-bike status update: we have one working bettery (does about 10-20km), that can be stored directly on the ebike when full, or in the workshop charging station for charging. Other battery is WIP. You need a key to attach/remove the battery. There are 2 keys for this in the keyshelf.
  • [Doug] Lots of solar stuff in front of water counter makes access difficult. Could responsible-feelers rearrange that?
  • [Matthias] Foodsharing hackweek schedule:
  • [Anja] There's food to be washed.
  • [Felix] The washing machine works again.

5. Shopping plans

  • Lots of wood, still
  • [Bodhi] 10€ of phone credit (see discussion)

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc.)

  • [Janina] communal meals & food lottery: how to continue
    • Outcome of Friday talk to continue with Dinner. However, that doesn't mean that's the 'final outcome'.
    • A small group will continue with preparin an ukuvote so that we can have something about how we do communal meals in the collective agreements at some point.
    • We want to do this right and have a productive process that clarifies the issue.
  • [Bodhi] taking a bike to Harzgerode for 2-3 weeks (preferece: 1. matrix, 2. Union), also 2 bike bags (which ones?)
    • janina is unclear, will talk to bodhi after come
  • [Lise] I also want to take a bike in a week or so, preference: ebike
    • [nathalie] thore and I also thought about doing a bike trip in may, but then quite a lot of bike would be gone...
    • [silvan] if people want to take bikes for longer can't they spend time to fix bikes instead of taking the best ones..?
    • [janina] we should have a separate bike meeting to figure out which bikes can/should go where in the next weeks
  • [maxime] do we assume that rancidification is the fate that awaits all nuts in the storage, and all restrictions should be left? I'm thinking of the big box of nuts below the table near the window.
    • [lise] it was mostly about the walnuts and cashews in the jam shelf, not about the others.
    • [bodhi] in general I'd say just eat the nuts. I asked findus and didn't get an answer.
    • [doug] I will contact findus again to get more clarity and not accidentally offend her.b
  • [Matthias] Dishwasher default program changed from Spar to Universal Plus. Do people have a feeling if it kept dishes more clean (+25% Energy (1.05->1.35 kWh), +30% water usage (13->17 liters))?
    • seems to be worth it
  • [Bodhi] Sperrmülltour, local Wurzen place
    • larissa and maxime 'volunteer' ;p
  • [Bodhi] mobile phone calling from landline
    • small group topic
  • [Matthias] CoMe stats not working almost every week since a few weeks
    • [tilmann] it always has different reasons, this time it was because grafana is down and janina renamed nun only in the resrec and not the evrec. also when you pass by the server it's possible to disconnect the network plug.
    • [matthias] it is fragile in many ways
    • [doug] I'm interested in fixing the physical fragility of the network plug

7. Lunch lottery/food recommendation

Run lottery:

8. For next week

  • [Doug] volunteer to clean the reservation sheets?

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