Coordination Meeting

CoMe #160

  • Date: 2020-10-05
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Notary: Matthias, Janina
  • Mika caretaker: Maxime & Michal
  • Physical board caretaker: Larissa
  • Digital calendar caretaker: Tilmann
  • Present: Hannah, Matthias, Silvan, Michal, Janina, Tilmann, Mika, Nathalie, Thore, Larissa, Doug, Maxime

0. Check-in round

1. Last week review

Resources used

Stats (past 7 days):

  • Present: 15.3 people / day +2.0
  • Electricity: 2.58 € / day; -0.0 €
  • Water: 2.9 € / day; +0.4 €

Total cost per person per day: 35.84 ct -2.24 ct

Corona framework

Corona points:

  • 128
  • 0
  • 230€ donation
Things that happened
  • Big potato collecting action took place - about 800-1000kg "Drillinge" type Belinda (organic, long-lasting, festkochend) Datasheet
  • Master/Mega/Meta coordination meeting happened! (still looking for a better name…)
  • Attic reinforcements almost done, one week left
  • Scaffolding build-up complete
  • Roof work started again - yeahh!!!
  • Mika moved to Sleep Kitchen and some other beds were rearranged & repaired
  • First meetings of finances subgroup
  • Planning for Feuerqualle feminist festival started
  • Janina wrote an article for the Wurzener Stadtjournal

2. This week planning

People arriving and leaving
  • Mon.: Bodhi leaves, Hannah leaves, Anja leaves
  • Tue.:
  • Wed.: Matthias likely leaves for 2 days
  • Thu.:
  • Fri.: Matthias comes back
  • Sat.: Larissa + Silvan leave, Thore's parents visit
  • Sun.: Larissa comes back, Larissa's parents visit, Silvan comes back
  • Mon.:
  • Some day: Nick & Taïs might arrive, Lise leaves
Weather forecast
  • cloudy, max 17°C, some rain on Tuesday and Wednesday
Evaluations and check-ins
  • Lise Member : Absolute Days threshold 199/180
  • Antonin Visitor : 5 days until Days Visited threshold (21)
  • Monday

    • After CoMe: potato unloading action
    • After lunch: roof work
  • Tuesday

    • Non-Working bikes will be put to trash corner in the morning; take the ones you would like to repair/keep with your name back into the shed
    • 16:00 Open Tuesday [lottery]
  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

    • 10:00 Power Hour (Fac.: [Janina] Mus.: [])
    • 15:00 Sharing event (Fac.: [])
    • 18:00 foodsharing Wurzen meeting
  • Friday

    • Yellow bag collection
    • 10:00 Corona meeting?
  • Saturday

    • All day: Sauna and wood working day at villa klug; People are invited to join and help
  • Sunday

    • 11:00 foodsharing brunch
    • 17:00 Theatre group?
  • Next Monday

    • 10:00 CoMe (Fac.:[])
  • Next week summary

    • Social sauna!

to be scheduled: (when possible, avoid scheduling events at times that would conflict with being part of the cooking team: 17:00->19:00)

3. Shopping plans

  • plumbing stuff still in the pipeline [Silvan, Tilmann]
    • lets get baby bathroom sink part soon/today!

4. Discussion & Announcements

  • [Janina] Change dinner time to 6 pm?
    • Does anyone have resistance to this week trying dinner between 6 and 7?
    • No, so we try.
  • [Doug] Empty pans/pots on the table, empty packages in basement, empty teapots in snack kitchen... clean up after ourselves, or leave to the next person?
    • Let's all care a bit more :)
  • [Larissa] Orga-meeting of Feuerqualle from 13.-15.10 (Larissa, Kerstin + Hannah)
    • Encouragement to have it happen
  • [Tilmann] New names for Family room and Sleep Kitchen?
    • Let's have a discussion on Slack and an ukuvote with a multi-day proposal phase
  • [Lise] empty the KMW....
    • Ideas: K20-B electric room, basement of lises garden, put them in the hallway for a week to see if they smell
    • Pro hallway: colder, less unloading work, no mold there :)
    • Potato unloading action after CoMe
  • [Doug] shoe sale?
    • Please take all your private shoes out of the boxes today
    • Leftover shoes will be stored for at least 3 months somewhere before it is reevaluated if we want to give them away
  • [Silvan] could order oat for next weekend
    • need to know and order tomorrow at noon
    • people will buy oats anyway so it's better to get them from a good source
    • Matthias will call the place to find out if the oat is regional
  • [Thore] Fruit trees for the garden
    • General support!
    • Small group: Michal, Thore, Silvan, Janina (ask Anja as well)

5. Task lottery & food planning

Lunch team this week

  • Lise would like to participate and cook today (with bought food if its okay for you....i wanna test a recipe for zzongstedt)
  • Matthias, Tilmann
  • Janina, Thore
  • Asia buffet
  • Larissa


  • Mon.:
  • Tue.: Matthias
  • Wed.:
  • Thu.:
  • Fri.:
  • Open Tuesday: Silvan


  • Mon. not: Janina, Thore, Michal
  • Tue. not:
  • Wed. not: Janina
  • Thu. not: Janina, Thore
  • Fri. not:
  • Open Tuesday not: maxime, Michal
  • Week not: Lise, Tilmann, Nathalie, Hannah

6. For next week

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