Coordination Meeting

CoMe #348

  • Date: 2024-06-24
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Notary: Antonin
  • Physical calendar:
  • Digital calendar: Martin
  • Todo board: Dorotaxx
  • Weekly reservation sheets: Freya
  • Weather forecast: Robert
  • Present: Martin, Lipz, Rob, Dorota, Edda, Freya, Doug, Antonin, Marie

0. Check-in round

1. Last week review


usage graph last 90 days (Usage during the last 90 days)

  • 🌡️ Average outdoor temperature: 19.3 °C (+2.6 °C)
  • ⚡ Electricity
    • usage: 20.19 €/week (⬇️-19%)
      • of that for K20 warm water: 1.82 €/week
    • paid: -41.83 €/week
    • ☀️ self produced: 73% (⬇️-11%)
    • emissions: 14 kg CO₂ₑ/week
  • 💧 Water
    • paid: 18.3 €/week (⬇️-6%)
    • emissions: 1.4 kg CO₂ₑ/week


  • 37€ Sunflower seeds
  • 10€ Oil, rice, garlic, ginger [kate]


  • 61€

Things that happened

  • relaxing and quiet week
  • lots of work in the kleingarten

Popcorn feedback

  • [Dorota] it's summer and the food shelf is warm. Don't put stuff that needs refrigerating there

2. This week planning

Weather forecast

  • very warm week, not getting under 15°C. Good for swimming!

Evaluations and check-ins

Still from last week:

  • Kate Volunteer: -28 days until Days Visited threshold (60)
  • Larissa Member: -20 days until Days Visited threshold (180)
  • Antonin Volunteer: 4 days until Days Visited threshold (60)


  • Monday
    • 10:00 - CoMe + Power Hour [Doug]
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • 18:30 - "Schleimkeim", Otze und die DDR von Unten, Doku @ D5
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Gelbe Tonne [Doug]
    • 10:00 Monthly Planning Meeting [Martin]
    • 18:00 Critical Mass @ Augustusplatz
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Next Monday
    • 10:00 - CoMe + Power Hour []
  • Next week summary

Hats for the week

  • E-Mails: Antonin
  • Telephone: Doug when around

Open Visitor Requests

  • Virginia via Workaway

Shopping plans

  • [kate] Handzähler Klicker for vLaden to count our customers €3-5 on kleinanzeigen
    • ok

To do → done

Discussion & Announcements

Round 1

  • [kate] The smell near the compost toilet is getting stronger. I find it very unpleasant as a regular user of this area. Can anything be done?

    • [Dorota] The fan seems to be broken. Maybe we could reuse one from the radiators in the piano room
    • [Antonin] Tilmann has the overview of the state of this fan
    • [Edda] the door doesn't close very well either, maybe it could help to fix that
    • [Doug] let's have a look together, I have experience
  • [Rob] Check-In-Round who is absent and why?

    • in other groups, during such meetings we also talk about people who are not here, and it's quite useful because it's often a sign of a problem. Could we do this with the regulars, to understand what's going on in other people's lifes? (once in a week). For instance, today, Riell, Astrid, Kito I could say a few words about what they are up to. If nobody knows then that's a sign we could check in more actively.
    • [Doug] let's try it, maybe you can bring that in. Let's see if it works!
    • [Martin] it could be for volmems
    • [Rob] shows an example of what it would look for a few people who are not here

Round 2

  • [Kate] I am on holidays this week. The vLaden tomorrow should be covered by the volunteer team! Just for infos.
  • [Doug] is looking for more people to do user testing for a wiki I have set up, to see if it's useful for the house. It's a set of tasks which can take from 15 to 40 min.
    • [Freya, Edda] can do it today
  • [Rob] Birthday dance at 02.07 afternoon
  • [Antonin] ongoing votes:
    • building week dates
    • migration out of Slack to something else

Task lottery & food planning

Default dinner serving time: 18:30 Free shop shift: ~14:30 - 17:30


  • Mon. lunch: Ahmed
  • Tue. lunch:
  • Tue. free shop: Franziska, Susi, Suzi
  • Wed. lunch: Edda
  • Thu. lunch:
  • Fri. lunch:


  • Mon. lunch:
  • Tue. lunch:
  • Tue. free shop:
  • Wed. lunch:
  • Thu. lunch: Rob
  • Fri. lunch: Martin
  • Week: Kate, Antonin, Lipz, Marie, Freya


  • Mon. lunch: Ahmed
  • Tue. lunch: Martin
  • Tue. free shop: Franziska, Susi, Suzi
  • Wed. lunch: Edda
  • Thu. lunch: Doug
  • Fri. lunch: Dorota

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