Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-04-23
  • Facilitator: Laurina and Matthias
  • Notary: Laurina and Matthias
  • Present: Tilmann, Anja, Michal, Isabel, Benjamin, Doug, Adam, Laurina, Matthias

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Michal is thinking about leaving sometime between Wednesday and Friday.
  • Bodhi and lise come back on friday
  • Silvan comes back this week as well
  • Findus and other Living Utopia peeps (~30?)
  • Doug and Matthias leave for tuesday

2. Evaluations

Findus, will be scheduled next week. Anja, we will have to get hold of her when she comes.

3. Changes to Governance

  • No changes to Constitution or Agreements

4. Resource data

  • Gas (0.545€ per m³ + 0,23€ per day):
    • Last 7 days: 0.54€/day
    • 7 days before that: €0.45/day
  • Water (5€ per m³):
    • Last 7 days: 2.72€/day
    • 7 days before that: €2.92/day
  • Electricity usage (0.2595€ per kWh and 0,245 per day):
    • Last 7 days: 3.02€/day
    • 7 days before that: €3.73/day
  • Gas bottles bought (€12): 3
  • Income: 0

5. Schedule

(For waste collection see 'müll' calender, for food pickups see )

  • Montag (today): Groups: Retrospective + Planning (14:00?); Car unloading (wood)
  • Dienstag: Doug and Matthias Berlin tour (5.45am-7pm), Repair Café? (17:00) (Does somebody else do it? Matthias is not there. Gunter wanted to come by with another broken VCR; Dietmar wanted to come as well maybe we should tell him that it does not take place? -> Matthias makes contact with Silvan again to check if he can do it), Isabel has one more ticket for a concert left and will announce which group it is
  • Mittwoch: Market pickup (14.00) (take >=5 boxes, at least 1 with number "246" because we got it lent last time); Doug and Laurina do. Landgut Nemt (18:00) (Tilmann), sharing event: Doug/Laurina; 7pm ; take organic bin out (Adam)
  • Donnerstag: Power hour (10:00), Gelbe Säcke out,
  • Freitag: Market pickup (14.00) (take >=4 boxes) (Adam & Matthias), Living Utopia descend for a while.
  • Samstag: LU meetup
  • Sonntag: LU meetup

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, updates, requests, etc)

  • Message by Findus via slack: hey Olli, who is coming to the lu meeting wants to know if he can bring his little well behaved dog? also: Would it be ok, if some of us stay till monday/tuesday?-> Matthias answered privately that the dog is likely not a problem but will check today. -> OK. So it is likely, that ~10 people from LU will stay for some more days. Dog is okay, we want to get cleareron dog rules and communicate them more clearly.
  • Check-in round before come / all meetings? -> No real consensus; just try it out at next CoMe; People are encouraged to come to next CoMe at 9.50 and we start with a very short personal sharing round, regular CoMe then at 10.00.
  • Garden: Idea with isabell/laurina/matthias to make the area around the cherry trees more grassy-usable. For that, would remove some more trees/bushes; want to build a hedge towards sven or leave it open? -> Fine to do that. Please don't cut down anything big and think before cutting. Decide yourself where you want replant them :-) Hedge vs no hedge had no strong opinions. We are out of toilet paper (Adam will get some) -> Isabell suggested to buy recycled toilet paper as it is cheaper as well as more environmentally friendly
  • Adam is inventorizing our medicine cabinet currently. There will be a list accessible on air-table. He suggests using plastic bags for sorting/storage and asks about other opinions. -> Temporarily do it like that, we are free to redo it at another time differently.
  • There is hot water in the snack kitchen and the upper bathroom heated from solar power now. Its not extensive but enough especially on sunny days.

7. Next facilitator


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