Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-04-30
  • Facilitator: Tilmann
  • Notary: Janina
  • Present: Bodhi, Isabel, Adam, Matthias, Tilmann, Janina, Atlas, Chandi, Findus, Laurina, Wolf, Kim, Henning, Jojo

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Doug and Silvan come back today
  • Ben arrives on Tuesday afternoon (friend of Doug)
  • Chandi and Findus stay until Wednesday, all other lu people leave today

2. Evaluations

  • None?

3. Changes to Governance

  • None

4. Resource data

  • Gas (0.545€ per m³ + 0,23€ per day):
    • not needed during summer
  • Water (5€ per m³):
    • Last 7 days: 2.61 €/day
    • 7 days before that: 2.72 €/day
  • Electricity usage (0.2595€ per kWh and 0,245 per day):
    • Last 7 days: 2.48 €/day
    • 7 days before that: 3.02 €/day
  • Gas bottles bought (€12): 0
  • Income:
    • 1961,00 € from EG
    • 110 € donations

5. Schedule

(For waste collection see 'müll' calender, for food pickups see )

  • Montag (today):

    • Sorting the random stuff storage (Doug, Bodhi, Tilmann, Matthias ...?)

      • meeting to plan this today when Doug is back
    • group cleaning party (power hour?) at 11.00

    • Maria's bed crashed, she asked for people to help her repair it

      • Maybe Bodhi and Wolf will go, needs more clarification
    • add to the heartbeat, publish tonight at 8pm

  • Dienstag:

    • Repair Cafe
    • Sharing Event at 7 pm, currently without facilitator
  • Mittwoch:

    • Melissa form the KiJuWu (Kinder und Jugendtreff Wurzen) is coming by at 1 pm to get to know us. She is the stellvertretende Leiterin of the place. Laurina, Janina, Matthias and Adam will be there.
    • Between 2-3 pm Pudding from Dorf der Jugend is coming to meet us here, get to know the place and especially talk about the Neulandgewinner funding and prepare for it (they have it). Janina. Laurina and Matthias will be there.
    • Marktstand pickup 2 pm, Bodhi and Laurina go
    • Landgut Nemt pickup 6 pm, Matthias goes
  • Donnerstag:

    • Silvan and Matthias might be in Auerstedt to make the grass nice
    • 10am Power Hour for K20
    • Neulandgewinner preparation meeting at 2pm, Janina, Laurina, Adam are interested
  • Freitag:

    • 1-3pm a group of people form the Neulandgewinner fund is coming to get to know the place in order to be able to possibly choose us for a two year funding programme
    • Marktstand pickup 2 pm -> cancelled this week
    • Kräuterfee pickup sometime during the day, Tilmann goes
  • Samstag:

    • at 3pm Roman and Corinna come by with a group of people (tour-in the east a lot of new) who is up for showing them around for ~15min?(Laurina) the tour can be joined and starts at 2pm at the spring on the marketplace and lasts 2 hours. No preperations needed, just some basic introduction. Janina will feel responsible.
    • Georg-Schwarz-Straßenfest in Leipzig (starts 1pm, )
  • Sonntag:

    • (nothing)
  • Monday (in a week)

    • CoMe

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, updates, requests, etc)

  • Proposal: If you're losing interest in a topic or if you think the conversation is off-topic or if you think someone is repeating, let people know with the 'roll on' hand gesture before you get so irritated/bored that you need to say something (Doug)

  • proposal: everyone who can should become ambassador of foodsharing wurzen, so that we can share the work and responsibility and foodsharing will grow here. Laurina can list the reasons again. Resistance (Laurina)?

    • Matthias has resistance to becoming ambassador, Bodhi doesn't think that becoming ambassador would make him feel more responsible

    • Apparently it's more about having more people more involved; this does not necessarily have anything to do with making people ambassadors.

    • Laurina doesn't want to be ambassador with just two people in the group, that's why she wants more people joining the ambassador group. Silvan apparently said that he might be up for it.

    • This might be more of a topic for next week's foodsharing meeting. People are strongly invited to come, as well as to think about how to strengthen foodsharing structures in Wurzen.

  • Paper trash is full and next emptying is in two weeks, where should we store paper in the meantime? (Tilmann)

    • Matthias suggests to put it in the tiny toilet on the ground floor of K22 until it is collected.
  • Henning reports that a window in K20-1 just broke and wants to know what to do about it.

    • Matthias and Tilmann will look at it after CoMe.
  • General rat prevention (before we encounter the first one) (Tilmann)?

    • We shouldn't put any more fish and meat; bread and cooked stuff should also not go there (where?).

    • Adam points out again that it makes sense to break up the compost so that it decomposes quicker

    • Tilmann is interested in constructing i quick composting device using an old whashing machine. Bodhi knows that Christian Kutz has interesting designs for such devices, we might have the relevant book.

  • Retrospective: visit of Living Utopia group (another group meeting?)

    • tour improvements: Private room booking (matthias)
    • Friday 7pm
    • Noise outside (matthias)
  • Frequency of camp fires in the garden? (officially, they would need permissions 5 days before doing and are not allowed sundays; exceptions easter/1. mai/new years and some other cultural dates) (matthias)

    • We agree to keep it in mind and not just make fires without thinking about it. But since this is dependant on having groups here and there won't be any in the coming weeks, we can just wait a bit.

    • Janina agrees that we shouldn't wait for the neighbors to complain, but also points out that there is a lot of space between our garden and the neighbors (different to the classic balcony bbq situation) and that it really might be okay. We could simply ask them, starting with Sven.

  • Grass seeds for the area next to Sven (Matthias) (; dünger?)

    • We can start collecting pee in buckets to make fertilizer.

    • Any resistance against buying seeds for 10€? No.

  • Update on discussion about bare chest (Matthias)

    • Maria was offended, Sven, Nicole and Christa think it's fine. So we decide to not care.
  • Update about garden of neighbours (Matthias)

    • Maria and Christa were concerned about us 'moving in' on them, when Matthias started planting trees on the slope. He made them come down and have a more calm talk about the situation and in the end they were actually fine with everything.

    • A meeting with their landlord and them would be useful to clarify the whole situation with property borders and such.

    • Laurina will get the contact from Sven and arrange a meeting between Himmelfahrt and Pfingsten.

  • Proposal: We start to use 'concern' to mean 'proto-resistance'. If I directly have a problem with a proposal, I have resistance (e.g. I have resistance to breaking down any basement walls without a static engineer taking liability) But often there is no direct problem with a proposal, but there could be some problematic side-effects (e.g. I have no resistance to the art group hosting a small exhibition in the exercise room, but I have the concern that they won't put it back to its previous state.) The difference is that you should stop doing something if someone has resistance but you can continue doing something that someone is concerned about (preferably while addressing their concerns.)

7. Next facilitator

  • Janina

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