Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2018-12-10
  • Facilitator: Silvan
  • Notary: Janina
  • Present: Jasmine, Janina, Tilmann, Matthias, Silvan

1. People arriving and leaving

  • Doug, Emma, Clara and Joe arrive today if the trains let them
  • Chandi and Findus already left but will come back today in the evening to then leave on Wednesday again
  • Matthias and Silvan leave on Wednesday or Thursday
  • Sarah comes on Wednesday, hosted by Janina
  • Nathalie and Thore come back on Wednesday
  • Jasmine leaves on Thursday or Friday
  • Kai2 and Lina come on Friday and stay until Saturday/Sunday, hosted by Janina
  • Lise comes back on Saturday
  • Silvan and Bodhi come back on Sunday

2. Changes to Governance

  • None

3. Last week review

  • Present: 13.7 people / day

  • Spent nights: 96 nights

  • Outdoor temperature (min|avg|max): 1.3 | 7.8 | 14.5 °C (7 days before: -2.9 | 4.1 | 12.6 *C)

  • Electricity usage: 4.04 € / day (7 days before: 3.78 € /day)

  • Electricity efficiency: 29.4 ct / day*person (7 days before: 46.4 ct)

  • Gas usage: 4.06 € / day (7 days before: 4.32 € /day)

  • Gas efficiency: 29.6 ct / day*person (7 days before: 53.1 ct)

  • Water usage: 2.42 € / day (7 days before: 2.23 € /day)

  • Water efficiency: 17.6 ct / day*person (7 days before: 27.89 ct)

  • Income (please check the shoe, the box and the account): 1.63 € (shoe)

  • We had an autumn roadmap review.

  • We sang critical Christmas carol's at the Leipzig Christmas market

  • We had a fire tong bowl party

  • We did a smooth winter roadmap planning session

  • The undjetzt?!2019 people spent a nice and productive weekend at ours

  • We had two interesting external guests for the foodsharing brunch

4. Evaluations and check-ins

  • Jasmine: Visitor evaluation

5. Schedule and commitments

  • Monday:

    • 19:00 AcroYoga in the Wurze in Leipzig: Silvan, maybe Chandi+Findus
  • Tuesday:

    • 15:00 Evaluation: Jasmine
    • 17:00 RepairCafe: Matthias
    • 19:00 Fairteiler: Janina
  • Wednesday:

    • ~13:00 Tea and 'prime minister's question time' (uk politics show, should be entertaining after the brexit vote on Tuesday, doug)
    • 17:00 Sharing event
  • Thursday:

    • 10:00 Power Hour
    • 19:00 Foodsharing Wurzen meeting
    • eveninginsh: Janina goes foodsaving in Leipzig (Turkish diner food)
  • Friday:

  • Saturday:

  • Sunday:

    • Wurzener Frauenchor concert: 15:00-17:00
  • Next Monday:

    • CoMe facilitator: Tilmann

6. Food planning

  • Skipped

7. Heating planning

  • everything like last week, minor adjustments as we go

8. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, updates, requests, etc)

  • Doug: Please use the nextcloud calendar when organising events. (Perhaps the duty of CoMe note-taker?)
    • Janina: Which calendar? Nextcloud? The wooden pinboard? Both..?
    • Janina: I think both makes sense here and both should be updated during CoMe. Preferably by two people simultaneously
    • Doug: both preferable, but I would encourage digital priority. (Task for me: put sign on pin board to remind people to add to nextcloud)
    • Tilmann: keep calendars focused, needs cleanup. Problem: most calendars are not enabled by default, needs additional setup for first timers
    • Tilmann: all events should be created on the the physical calendar as well, otherwise they're not accessible for Visitors
  • Silvan: PR material for the short film festival will arrive in the next days. Please take care of distributing it if I'm already gone by then.
  • Doug: Has everyone that wanted to make Roadmap issues done so yet?
  • Doug: When leaving a room, ask yourself if there's something useful you can take with you!
  • Matthias: Question from Move to use wandel würzen for some funding applications for the move. Potential conflicts: a) Kleinunternehmerregelung (but likely not), b) we cannot use those fundings for us in the time. (GLS, Aktion Mensch Förderaktion „Noch viel mehr vor“)
    • Silvan: Ginge das laut Satzung? (Vereinszweck), Um welche Summen ginge es da?
    • Doug: based on what I know about our financial situation, I wouldn't give money to other associations at this point.
    • Tilmann: I think they are going to apply for funds, but the funds are not going to us
  • Janina: Two of my friends will arrive on Friday, one of which just finished his studies. We'll have a drinking party, where should we do it so it doesn't bother anyone? How much of the communal beer can we drink or shall we go out and buy some from the beginning?
    • Silvan: So the primary purpose is drinking? That would be against the Collective Agreements.
    • Matthias: Reading it the way it is phrased I have strong concerns, but I'll also not be here at the time, so do what you want. My concerns are not about the alcohol itself, but rather about supporting something like this at Kanthaus.
    • Tilmann: It is not something I want to support at Kanthaus. It would be better to not do it here, but if there's no other suitable solution it might be okay this one time.
    • Janina: I never intended to make this a regular event or anything. The primary purpose is not drinking in general, but being together and yes, drinking some alcoholic drinks. It's mostly a private visit for celebration and catching up, I only wanted to be completely transparent. (I probably shouldn't have phrased it so intensely... ^_^')

9. For next week

  • Doug: I have a growing need to keep some clothes private. Washing them with collective clothes is difficult. Who else washes/would like to wash things privately? Is there enough demand to justify having a basket for private laundry?

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