Coordination Meeting

  • Date: 2020-04-13
  • Facilitator: Felix
  • Notary: Tilmann
  • Physical board caretaker: Thore
  • Digital calendar caretaker: Doug
  • Discussion timekeeper: Nathalie
  • Present: Felix, Anja, Tilmann, Doug, Janina, Maxime, Clara, Thore, Lise, Larissa, Nun, Bodhi, Zui, Silvan, Nathalie, Matthias

1. Last week review

Daily averages for last week

usage graph last 90 days (Usage during the last 90 days)

  • Present: 16.9 people / day +0.9
  • Average outdoor temperature: 15.2 °C +6.9 °C)
  • Electricity: 5.24 €; 31.1 ct / person -6.8 ct
  • Gas: 0.02 €; 0.1 ct / person -17.8 ct
  • Water: 3.59 €; 21.3 ct / person +1.8 ct

Total cost per person per day: 52.48 ct -22.82 ct

  • Electricity donated by sun: 1.63€/day
Done Expenses
  • 15 Euro for getting rid of Bauschutt
  • 12 Euro for vinegar: apple, Balsamico
  • Not checked
Team updates
  • Roof (Silvan, Tilmann):

    • overview presentation got everyone up to speed and sparked new interest in the topic
    • got reply from statics person so we know what to do now
    • want to have a fixed plan on what/how to do by the end of this day
  • Stuff (Bodhi, Matthias, Thore, Chandi):

  • Rooms (Nathalie, Janina): none

Other things that happened
  • Garden power hour (Mo)
  • Garden party with event tech knowledge sharing (Mo)
  • we got rid of a lot of Bauschutt - again (Tu)
  • people inspected building for Projektschmiede
  • about 1000kg of Oatly products arrived (Wed)
  • presentation on molecular simulations
  • Session about critical masculinity & patriachy (Fr, facilitated by Zui)
  • Tilmann presented situation and plans for roof construction, discussion (Saturday)
  • Foodsharing Brunch online with families and friends (Su)
  • Easter eggs found (Su)
  • Video-call with yunity-friends
  • communal closet trouser sale happened

2. People arriving and leaving

None due to Corona.

3. Upcoming

Weather forecast
  • a little less summer but still sunny for the next weeks, but it is not gone. Please take into account when opening windows: Keep them closed when it is cold!
Evaluations and Check-ins!
  • Monday
    • 10:00 CoMe
    • 16:00 Knowledge sharing session, today's topic: Guitar/ basic music for beginners [Nathalie]
  • Tuesday
    • 10:00-18:00 Chimney removing whole day
    • 10:00 Newspaper gathering action [Doug]
    • 18:00 Roof support coordination kickoff, piano room [Janina]
    • 20:30 no gods, no masters: Film about anarchy, part 1, piano room [Doug]
  • Wednesday
    • 16:00 Felix Evaluation [Tilmann]
    • 17:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 Power Hour Fac.: [Bodhi] DJ: [BodhiBoomBaum]
    • 15:00 Sharing event [Nathalie]
  • Friday
    • 10:00 Corona meeting [Maxime]
    • 12:00 Market pickup via
    • 15:00 Fish Bowl: Activism and Corona
  • Saturday
    • 13:30 Landgut Nemt pickup via
  • Sunday
    • 14:00 FFF meeting in cloud room
  • Next Monday
    • CoMe facilitator: Matthias

to be scheduled:

4. Announcements

  • there is still food to be washed - please do it today before it smells!
  • [maxime/doug] in an effort to make room in the storage, we would like to try to use all the capsules before opening a new coffee bag.
  • [Doug] Hands up ppl interested to help improve what is currently the freeshop lounge.
  • [Matthias] Water tap is not saving water in the kitchen: do not waste it

5. Shopping plans

  • [Matthias] roof stuff for 1000-2000€ (this time for real :) )
  • Dishwasher powder:

6. Discussion (e.g. questions, proposals, etc.)

  • [Tilmann] Try out lunch lottery instead of dinner lottery: try out for 1 week. Goal: 13:30 lunch ready
  • [Janina] Gemök update presi?
    • when ready, maybe next week
  • [Tilmann] To speed up house renovation: motivation to get more funding?
    • maybe something comes out of the roof support meeting, otherwise later
  • [Matthias] Building a roof on the "roof tile storage". Maybe roof design workshop in the next months?
    • general interest, no general concerns.
  • [Matthias] Tearing down chimney in K20-2-1 (Bathroom) tomorrow?
    • [matthias] the day. Appreciate 3-5 people helping (2 ppl teardown/packing bags, 2-3 ppl bringing stones out/down)
    • -> yes, happening
  • [Tilmann] shortages update: toilet paper, flour, oats?
    • looking for a Quetsche to make flakes from grains
  • [Clara] How to continue with WWF Youth Article?
    • go ahead, we try to get the article before it is being published
  • [Clara] I would like to remove at least one sound system from the fansipan. I would propose to move the one on the desk to the Hipster Room. Resistance?
    • no resistance
  • [maxime] can we/should we do something about all the flies in the Biomüll and the compost?
    • might be too moist
    • try to put less moist things on there, put it in bio tonne instead
    • bio tonne also has a lot of flies, no ideas so far...
  • [Anja] Communal smartphone for KH-Instagram?
    • Bodhi is not motivated anymore to setup a phone
    • Continue as online discussion
  • [Bodhi] I built a shelf for clean Boxes dumpster kitchen. Please use the clean boxes only for clean food and laundry! Use dirty ones for dumpster diving!
    • Bodhi is willing to regularly clean the clean boxes thoroughly :-)
  • [Bodhi] Drying dirty clothes/towels/etc. on laundry-line
    • Over the last weeks, dirty clothes (e.g. workshop, tissues, towels) have been hanging on the normal laundry line. Please put a sign "Dirty clothes" or hang them somewhere else!
  • [doug] After CoMe, I'm going to clean all the room reservation sheets except dorm. Might be nice to do that every week after CoMe.
    • [matthias] rather include it in power hour?
    • [janina] power hour is thursday, that would make it a bit confusing. I support monday.
    • [matthias] the display is 7 days floating time range - it is at no point clear what to remove and what not (except the date is filled in properly). The day does not change the problem...
  • [Anja] I'd like to install proper curtains in rooms (especially The Private and Cloudroom) -> which material? drilling okay?
  • [matthias] Bauhelferunfallversicherung
    • I am going ahead with the 500€ offer tomorrow morning. See #kanthaus thread from 2020-04-07 if you want to comment

7. Lunch lottery/food recommendationabriss

Run lottery:

8. For next week

  • [Doug] evaluation next Tuesday in morning

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