KH - Plenum #2

  • Date: 16.12.2022
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Notary: Doug, Tilmann
  • Present: Doug, Tilmann, Janina, Martin, Silvan, Antonin, Larissa, Zui, Maxime


  • (10min) check in
  • (5min) presentation of discussion points (What do you want to achieve with it)
  • (5min) prioritization of discussion points
  • (80min) discussion
    • ways of decision making (e.g. consent, sociocracy, ukuvota, general agreement)
  • (10min) scheduling
  • (10min) check out

Discussion Points

1. [tilmann] communal attic work in January/February?

  • To prepare the attic, some more things could be done than I would do by myself. Ideally we figure out the best order so we don't need undo each other's work
  • For January/February:
    • finish K20 staircase: drywall, door, wall
    • removing DDT from beams and painting with SchadstoffEx
    • plastering walls
    • bring up OSB and filling
  • for later or never:
    • drywall on walls
    • foldable door to top floor (Spitzboden)
    • protective construction (drywall?) around ventilation pipes
    • electricity
    • ventilation
    • heating
    • (tangentially related:) ventilation for K20 staircase toilets - people tend to leave the windows open because of the smell
  • [doug] definition-of-done: dust-free. Construction: Janina, vaguely yes; Doug, at least two days altogether preferably planned; Martin, generally yes; Anneke, generally yes; Silvan, no; Antonin, yes, preferably weekend; Larissa, generally yes, preferably planned day, could also do childcare; Zui, 2/3 days in february; Maxime, some hours per week, prerably low-brain tasks.

2. [tilmann] extend and improve ventilation system

  • baby bathroom
    • add fresh air supply for lantern and ex-food-storage
    • other affected rooms: K22-2 bathroom
    • duration: 3-6 days
    • Tilmann priority 1
  • office/dining room
    • [maxime] dinning room/K20-1 office?
    • Tilmann priority 2
  • the private
    • other affected rooms: communal closet, communal sleeping room
    • duration: 1-2 days
  • elephant and piano room
  • [Doug] wavy hands for inconvenience caused: people wanting to do ventilation work socially encouraged. Tilmann not looking for committed working groups... yet.
  • add heat exchanger to increase supply air temperature with the heat pump
    • to make the heat pump more efficient (lower overall water temperature)
    • to increase comfort (warmer air flow)
    • 300-400€, plus 200-300€ for connecting the heating pipe to the attic
  • [Doug] Enthusiasm to get parts... Tilmann not committing. Talk in CoMe, possibly schedule.

3. [doug] selling-the-KMW status update

  • [doug] let's sell!

4. [tilmann] Bauhaus gift card shopping

  • do other people would like to have a say on what to get?
  • shopping trip coordination
  • schedule bauhaus trip at come, Zui, Doug, Martin

Things to schedule

  • next plenary 2023-01-13 10:00 [Martin]
  • evaluations, skillshare, knowledgeshare
    • heating & ventilation [Tilmann] 28th 18:00
  • nice community trip? like hiking etc?
    • [Antonin] 18th Ice-skating @ spitz/wolfberg
    • [Larissa] 29th / 30th Hiking / Sauna
    • [Janina] Sauna VK 31st

Themenparkplatz (things that come up and we don’t want to forget about)


bigger things (for toi?)

for social sauna

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