Coordination Meeting

CoMe #342

  • Date: 2024-04-29
  • Facilitator: Kate
  • Notary: Janina
  • Physical calendar: Larissa
  • Digital calendar: Tilmann
  • Todo board: Martin
  • Weekly reservation sheets: Moritz
  • Weather forecast: Kate
  • Present: Kito, Janina, Dorota, Moritz, Riell, Lui, Lips, Larissa, Tilmann, Kate, Caspi, Martin, Rob, Astrid

0. Check-in round

1. Last week review


  • Present: 16.1 people/day (+0.6)
  • ⚡ Electricity
    • usage: 32.83 €/week (⬆️+9%)
      • of that for heating: 8.07 €/week
      • of that for hot water: 2.67 €/week
      • of that for K20-3 heatpump: 0.53 €/week
    • paid: -28.68 €/week
    • ☀️ self produced: 82% (⬆️+4%)
    • emissions: 22 kg CO₂ₑ/week
  • 💧 Water
    • paid: 22.47 €/week (⬇️-2%)
    • emissions: 1.7 kg CO₂ₑ/week


  • [Martin] 9€ for 2 LED drivers
  • [Doug] 46.50€ for sandpaper
  • [kate] 19€ paint for K22 entrance
  • [kate] 6€ Soy sauce
  • [kate] 14€ Hangers for freeshop
  • [Larissa] 5€ couscous, spread


  • €44.60 in the Spenden tin

Things that happened

  • a board game was invented
  • social sauna
  • many people helped with putting up posters
  • huge food processing action on Sunday
  • 2 evaluations
  • some visitors

Popcorn feedback

  • [Doug] Dining room table: please leave it clear and clean every time (even if you didn't leave the mess) - I already do this a lot and would love support <3
  • [Janina] Dirty dishes in front of dishwasher: Please make proper stacks and remove cutlery from plates before adding another one and clean off leftovers.
  • [Janina] All the help with posters was and is greatly appreciated!
  • [Rob] Thanks for opening this space and introducing me to it!
  • [Dorota] The round parts of the trailer hitches should stay with the trailers and not with the bikes. Please adhere to this.

2. This week planning

People arriving and leaving

  • Mon.: Edda arrives [Janina]
  • Tue.:
  • Wed.:
  • Thu.:
  • Fri.: Martin leaves , undjetzt-group comes [Larissa], Riell leaves, caspi leaves for the weekend
  • Sat.: David visits over the day [Janina]
  • Sun.: undjetzt-group leaves, kito leaves
  • Mon.: Martin comes back
  • Some day:

Weather forecast

A warm week - 20-27 (Tuesday! Join us outside of the freeshop to enjoy) Possible rain on Friday and Sunday. Not below 10 in the night.

Evaluations and check-ins

  • Dorota Volunteer: Days Visited threshold 77/60 (+28%)
  • Lui_FFJ24 Visitor: Days Visited threshold 29/21 (+38%)
  • Moritz_FFJ24 Visitor: Days Visited threshold 25/21 (+19%)
  • Lipa_FFJ24 Visitor: Days Visited threshold 23/21 (+10%)
  • Ema_FFJ24 Visitor: 0 days until Days Visited threshold (21)
    • Did the pairs find dates? Reminder to do so otherwise :)


  • Monday
    • 10:00 - CoMe + Powerhour [Kate]
    • 12:00 - Help a neighbor move some furniture [Martin, Caspi, Riell, you?]
    • finance meeting [zui + Larissa]
    • 17:00 Wurzen zeigt Courage Meeting
    • foodsharing pick-up [kito]
  • Tuesday
    • 10:00 - Bean rack building action [Janina, Nick, you?]
    • 15:00 - Car loading action with Thore and Nathalie - see slack
    • 17:00 - NDK-event
    • afternoon/evening - concert at Hechti's [JaTiMiLe, you?]
    • 18:30 Take back the night demo @Leipzig
  • Wednesday
    • 1st of May: public holiday
  • Thursday
    • 10:00 - 16:00 Spring Clean K18 [everyone!]
  • Friday
    • 10:00 - PlaMe [Janina]
  • Saturday
    • Gelbe Tonne [Larissa]
  • Sunday
    • 12:00 - 1st anniversary party of foodsharing Landkreis Leipzig @Bad Lausick [Janina, you?]
  • Next Monday
    • Paper bins [Rob]
    • 10:00 - CoMe [Janina]
    • 16:00 - 18:00 Help Kate move action, followed by food, possibly we get pizza
  • Next week summary

Hats for the week

  • E-Mails: Janina
  • Telephone: Riell until Friday

Open Visitor Requests

  • none

Shopping plans

  • [tilmann] 140€ Waschkampagne refill - perfume-free washing powder for the next 3+ years

To do → done

Discussion & Announcements

Round 1

  • [Martin] A friend of the house needs a helping hand from time to time. Paid work. It is mostly assisting with construction, moving things, etc. Let me know if you are interested.
  • [Doug] personal storage space running low. please check you have your spaces marked and that you use what you have.
    • [tilmann] especially K20 entrance and staircase! I'm thinking about holding another "sale" action for private shoes and jackets to identify surplus items
  • [Janina] Shall we reduce communal meals to one per day again?
    • [Riell] Support! Dinner is imho better as communal time, cause more people are around then.
    • [Caspi] I actually really like having two prepared meals a day... (Moritz and Lui, too)
    • [Kate] We discussed it in Social Sauna and we found that we lost this community focal point because we never had everybody present everywhere.
    • [Rob] I'd like to add Sunday evening. I'll make a meal then.
    • Lunch or dinner: 4 for lunch, most abstaining, 3 for dinner
    • We try this week, might change again next week :)
  • [Larissa] undjetzt-group (10 ppl) will come this weekend and use the attic. would be great if it's cleaned up and feels usable :)
    • there's still info missing, Larissa will make a Slack point when she hears more
  • [kate] Thursday May 2nd. K18 Spring Clean Action.
    • gather at 10 am in the garden
    • lots of different tasks, as outlined in slack post
    • [martin] how will decision making go about what to do with individual pieces?
      • [kate] if you definitely want to keep something, put a note before the action starts. apart from that the people on the task will decide.
  • [dorota] we'll have another test run of the board game after power hour. feel free to join!

Round 2

  • [Martin] Incoming food: 1. It's warm! And food deteriorates faster, so it needs to be washed/processed/stored sooner, for example outside of Power Hour. 2. It is a great encouragement for food savers and dumpster divers to see everything being cared and used. 3. Yesterday it happened that it became a group activity and it makes it much more enjoyable.
    • [Kate] Power Hour is not enough! People staying in this community need to do more. It's not exactly specified, but everybody should do something everyday - can be 5 minutes or half an hour.
  • [Rob] I'm practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi and invite you to a session on Tuesday 9:30 am in the yoga room.

[Task lottery & food planning]()


  • Mon. lunch: Lui, Lips
  • Tue. lunch: Caspi, Moritz
  • Tue. free shop: freeshopkate
  • Wed. lunch:
  • Thu. lunch:
  • Fri. lunch: Kate


  • Mon. lunch: Larissa
  • Tue. lunch: Larissa, Astrid
  • Tue. free shop: Larissa, Astrid, Janina
  • Wed. lunch: Martin, Astrid
  • Thu. lunch:
  • Fri. lunch: Martin
  • Week: Tilmann, Kito


  • Mon. lunch: Lui, lips
  • Tue. lunch: Caspi, Moritz
  • Tue. free shop: freeshopkate, Martin
  • Wed. lunch: Larissa, Rob
  • Thu. lunch: Dorota, Riell
  • Fri. lunch: Kate, Astrid

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